The Essentials



The System

The Culture,

The Function.

The Infrastructures

Physical Infra,

Virtual Infra.


Privileges vs Responsibilities, Productive Forces,


The Core  Values

The Economy

Craftsmanship vs Workmanship,

The Codes,

The Lobby,

The Governance

The Role of the Expertise


The Story.

The Groundwork

The Gerography,

The Footprint.

  • The Story

  • The Power of Words

  • The Ctzns

  • The Core Values

  • The System

  • The Culture

  • The Function

  • The Groundwork

  • The Geography

  • The Footprint

  • The Essentials

  • Equality

  • Access

  • The Infrastructures

  • Singularity

  • Harmony

  • Sovereignty

  • Closeness

  • The Physical Infrastructure

  • The Virtual Infrastructure

  • The Governance

  • The Experts

  • The Communities

  • Privileges & Responsibilities

  • Transparency

  • Privacy

  • The Economy

  • Craftsmanship vs Workmanship

  • The Free Market

  • The Codes

  • The Lobby

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